Sunday, October 27, 2013

Life After Film School Panel - Rescheduled

Recent film school graduates Carlyn Hudson, Beth Chatelain, Sarah Deuel, Monique Walton, and Carmen Hilbert join the November Women In Cinema Panel to talk about life after college.  Stop by to learn how each panelist transitioned from college to working life, what they're currently working on (from gaffing to directing to editing), and for general advice on post-grad options!

November 13, 2013
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

20th Annual Austin Film Festival

Austin Film Festival is back for its 20th year and we couldn’t be more excited for all the films, panels, and parties popping up around Austin over the next week.  There’s so many great folks coming to town and we’ve outlined (in no particular order) films with a female writer and/or director and female panelists who will be attending the festival.  Cheers to all you ladies out there!

Maggie Kiley (Writer/Director: LIGHT YEARS)
Madellaine Paxson (Director: BLOOD PUNCH)
Tara Anaise (Writer/Director: DARK MOUNTAIN)
Hilary Brougher (Writer/Director: INNOCENCE)
Chelsea Hernandez (Director: THE ROAD TO LIVINGSTON)
Kelly Daniela Norris (Writer/Director: SOMBRAS DE AZUL)

Alexandra Lescaze (Director: ALL OF ME)
Laura Waters Hinson (Director: DOG DAYS)
Maureen Judge (Director: LIVING DOLLS)

Holle Singer (Writer/Director: ABANDONED)
Jenny van den Broeke (Writer/Director: BLINDE LIEFDE)
Erica Harrison (Writer: A CAUTIONARY TAIL)
Wendy Dent (Writer/Director: DECEMBER 25)
Jessica Yu (Director: THE GUIDE)
Paola Morabito (Writer/Director: I’M THE ONE)
Janine Sides (Writer/Director: JODY’S BRA)
Grace Kim (Writer/Director: LUMIN)
Frances Poletti (Writer: MISS TODD)
Kristina Yee (Writer: MISS TODD)
Jing Yang (Writer/Director: MY SUPER VALENTINE)
Bracey Smith (Writer/Director: OUVERTURE)
Becca Friedman (Director: PAST THEIR PRIME)
Kate Marks (Writer/Director: PEARL WAS HERE)
Jennifer Suwak (Director: PULLING TEETH)
Jacqueline Christy (Writer/Director: REHEARSAL)
Sara Zandieh (Writer/Director: REZA HASSANI GOEST TO THE MALL)
Sarah Jean Kruchowski (Writer/Director: SPECIAL MOMENTS BY OKSANA)
Claire Winter (Director: TALENT SHOW)
Renee Felice Smith (Writer/Director: YOUNG(ISH))

Terri Edda Miller (Screenwriter: DYSENCHANTED)
Madellaine Paxson (Screenwriter)
Tara Anaise (Screenwriter)
Lisa Kaselak (Media Artist)
Kate O’Toole (Actress)
Melissa Breaux (Washington Square Arts)
Meta Valentic (Producer: URBANIA)

Camera, Lighting, and Sound Workshop Recap

On Saturday, September 28th, Women in Cinema hosted the Fall 2013 Camera, Lighting and Sound Workshop at Picturebox Studios in Austin. This was definitely the most successful one yet! We had a completely full house with an awesome turnout of both UT students and a few people from the community. 

It wouldn't have been such a hit without our great group of instructors teaching the participants. Mariam Aziz, who is a current MFA Production candidate at UT Austin and Cinematographer, headed up the camera section. Curtis Henderson is finishing up his undergrad work at UT and also works as a Production Sound Recordist and in Post-Production Sound shared his knowledge and experience working in sound. And, Carmen Hilbert, a recent graduate from UT and current Gaffer/Grip, taught our lighting section and shared her experience working in professional G&E departments. 

This event was also co-sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin's Division of Diversity and Community Engagement. 

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated and a big thanks for everyone who continues to support us! 

If you missed out on this fun event, never fear! Be sure to come next semester!