Women In Cinema functions because of the hard work and dedicatin of many individuals. Kat Candler and the Women In Cinema officers work around the clock to keep the organization running but they are not alone.  Women In Cinema receives support from the Department of Radio-Television-Film, especially Bert Herigstad, Paul Stekler, Stephen Salisbury, Michelle Monk and Gloria Holder.

The following people and organizations have supported Women in Cinema.

Sandra Adair
Audrey Baxter
Alison Benowitz
Deborah Berra
Beth Sepko Casting
Daft Moon Productions
Debbie Cerda
Ivy Davila
Susan Dirks
Amber Draeger
Mary Catherine Gardner
Chelsea Hernandez
Raina James
Mary Kearney
Susan Kirr
Karen Kocher
Leslie Langee
Kim Le Blanc
Katie McDowell 
Reese Merritt
Michelle Mower
Sarah Needham
Lindsay Palazuelos
Picturebox Productions and Studio 
Patrick Rusk
Celeste Simons
Slackerwood Magazine
Lacey Triplett
Paul Vizcarrondo
Jason Wehling
Lauren Wolkstein

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