Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 SXSW Film Festival Women Filmmakers

The SXSW Film Festival is right around the corner (about 3 weeks away to be exact)! And in order to help our Women in Cinema members with what to see, we've compiled a list of all the films directed by women.

An Evening with Sacred Bones Records (Jacqueline Castel)
Bad Brains: Band in DC (Mandy Stein)
Baskerville - 'Reloaded' (Marieke Verbiesen)
Bay of All Saints (Annie Eastman)
Belly (Julia Pott)
Brooklyn Castle (Katie Dellamaggiore)
Burn Spark (Maqui Gaona)
CĂ©line Desrumaux - 'Countdown' - (Celine Desrumaux)
Chance - (Jasmine DePucci)
Chocolate Milk - (Eliza Kinkz)
Code of the West - (Rebecca Richman Cohen)
The Contract - (Lina Mannheimer)
Crulic - The Path to Beyond - (Anca Damian)
Dollhouse - (Kirsten Sheridan)
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared - (Becky Sloan)
Dreams of a Life - (Carol Morley)
Eden - (Megan Griffiths)
Electrick Children - (Rebecca Thomas)
Francine - (Melanie Shatzky)
The Gathering Squall - (Hannah Fidell)
Girl Model - (Ashley Sabin)
Girls - (Lena Dunham)
Global Home - (Eva Stotz)
Gotye (Feat. Kimbra) - 'Somebody that I Used to Know' - (Natasha Pincus)
The Guessing Game - (Angela Cheng)
Hard Labor - (Juliana Rojas)
Hellion - (Kat Candler)
Her Master's Voice - (Nina Conti)
The Hunter - (Marieka Walsh)
I Am Your Grandma - (Jillian Mayer)
Indie Game: The Movie - (Lisanne Pajot)
J@cuzzi B0ys - 'Gl@zin' - (Jillian Mayer)
Language - (Leah Schell)
Last Call at the Oasis - (Jessica Yu)
Leave Me Like You Found Me - (Adele Romanski)
Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke - (Jillian Mayer)
Lost and Sound - (Lindsey Dryden)
Masterpiece - (Anele Page)
OK Go - 'All is Not Lost' - (Trish Sie)
Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise - (Kelly Sears)
Photographs - (Christina Manrique)
Pilgrim Song - (Martha Stephens)
Plasticine Dream - (Samantha Fine)
Pompeya - (Tamae Garateguy)
The Proposal - (Marcella Jimenez, Susannah Rodrigue)
when you find me - (Bryce Dallas Howard)
Reddish Brown and Blueish Green - (Samantha Gurry)
Scarlet Road - (Catherine Scott)
Sea Meadow - (Lily Baldwin)
Seeking Asian Female - (Debbie Lum)
The Source - (Jodi Wille, Maria Demopoulos)
Spark - (Annie Silverstein)
Sun Don't Shine - (Amy Seimetz)
WONDER WOMEN! The Untold Story of American Superheroines - (Kristy Guevara-Flanagan)

AFS SXSW Showacase
Mijo (My Son) (Chithra Jeyaram)
The Curse and Jubilee (Ivete Guerra Lucas)

It's really exciting to see such a large amount of female filmmakers in such an amazing film festival, two of which are our own Kat Candler and Annie Silverstein.

Let us know if you have any other recommendations.


  1. I've seen Annie Silverstein's Spark. It's a beautiful film that will stick with you. It seems to capture this childhood feeling of loneliness, summer, friendship, and adventure. I still can't get that last shot out of my head. Do your self a favor and see this film.