Women In Cinema is an official University of Texas at Austin Student Organization that is open to any and all UT students, no matter the major, gender or experience level. Women in Cinema requires that its members pay a small $10 fee per semester so that it can keep operating and offering great opportunities. 

To Be a Member You Must ...
    * Be a Registered UT Student
    * Have graduated from UT within the last 5 years.

Member Benefits
    * Get to attend our industry PANELS.
    * Get to be a part of the MENTORSHIP PROGRAM.
    * Get to be a part of the SUMMER PRODUCTION.
    * Get to attend special FIELD TRIPS.
    * Get a discounted CAMERA/LIGHTING/SOUND WORKSHOP (once a semester).
    * Get a NEWSLETTER to job, internship, festivals and events opportunities.
    * Get help finding your place in the film world. 

How to join
Download this membership form. Fill out the form and either give it to one of the Women In Cinema Officers or email it to utwomenincinema[at]gmail[dot]com. You can either pay your membership fees with cash or check. You can pay it with PayPal below (with a $.61 service fee or 2.9% + $0.30).

      Women In Cinema Membership