Women in Cinema aims to produce a short film every summer with an all girl crew.

In the summer of 2011, Women in Cinema members were able to work together and contribute a scene for the feature Slacker 2011. Richard Linklater's Slacker inspired a generation of American filmmakers by exploring the subculture of Austin, Texas in a loose narrative with a tapestry of quirky characters. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of that iconic movie, 24 of Austin's top filmmakers banded together to update Slacker with their own perspectives on the city. Slacker 2011 is a stream-of-consciousness chronicle of a day in Austin, presenting the city-dwellers, dragworms, proto-hipsters and locations that give the city its modern identity. The film showcases a transformed town next to things that never change. Slacker 2011 is an homage to twenty years of independent filmmaking, presenting the city's changing face and showcasing some of its most exciting talent.

Directed by Carlyn Hudson
Produced by Elizabeth Chatelain
Director of Photography by Therese Tran

This scene was made with an all female crew.