Saturday, January 28, 2012

Camera / Lighting / Sound Workshop

One week from today, next Saturday, will be this semester's Camera / Lighting / Sound Workshop presented by Women In Cinema. This is one of our most anticipated events that Women in Cinema holds. We do it once a semester. In this all day workshop participants get the basic knowledge of how to operate and frame shots, run and mix sound, and light a scene using keys, fills and back lights. All this and more for only $5. (Lunch is included.) It creates an atmosphere where female students feel comfortable to ask question, get hands-on experience with equipment and generally have fun and network.

The experience is very rewarding for all involved. Not only do you get comfortable with equipment but you get to meet other people like you. You won't want to miss it.

Women in Cinema’s Spring Film Workshop

We will be hosting a Film Workshop to go over the basics of camera, sound, and lighting.

Link to Facebook Invite - make sure to invite your friends!


Saturday, February 4th


Picturebox Studio

Please RSVP: utwomenincinema[at]gmail[dot]com


-Membership Dues if you're not a member already. ($10/semester or $20/school year)

-$5 Registration for the Workshop

-Gloves (to handle lights) if you have them

-Something to take notes with

-DO NOT wear open toed shoes.

-Lunch is provided.


701 Tillery Street Suite A-9

Austin, Texas 78702

(Please allow time to find the studio.)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Please join us for our first 2012 Women in Cinema meeting and panel!

We will be meeting from:

6:30-7:00pm for Mingle/Snacks
7:00-7:30pm for Meeting
7:30-9:00pm for Panel

JOIN US!!! Free and open to all. This is an exclusive chance to meet with talented women in film— Kelly Bogdan,Nancy Schiesari, and Deb Lewis! Don't miss out!!

This event is free. Everyone welcomed.

Kelly Bogdan has been working "in the biz" in some form or fashion for nearly 14 years. An RTF graduate of UT Austin, she secured her first film job (The Faculty) shortly before receiving her degree in the spring of 1998. Over the course of the next few years, she gained crew experience in a handful of arenas - production, props, set dressing, casting, and extras casting - before finally landing in the camera department, which was always her desired destination. Since 2004 Kelly has worked as a camera assistant on a variety of feature films (Sin City, Grindhouse, Up in the Air, Bernie), television shows (Friday Night Lights, Prime Suspect, The Lying Game), commercials, and other productions (web content, short films, etc).

Nancy Schiesari
has been a Director of Photography on over 35 documentaries and feature films broadcast for England’s Channel 4, BBC in London, ABC, National Geographic, and PBS. She was nominated for a 2002 Television Emmy for outstanding cinematography on The Human Face, produced by John Cleese. Among her work as cinematographer is Barbara Sonneborn’s Academy Award nominated documentary, Regret to Inform. She directed a documentary profile on Martin Scorsese for BBC 4, that aired in the UK on January 7, 2003. She produced and directed the documentary ”Hansel Mieth-Vagabond Photographer” which premiered on PBS’ Independent Lens in May, 2003 and recently completed Tattooed Under Fire for PBS, that aired in2010.

Deborah Eve Lewis has shot for the PBS documentary films THE CALLING, SUNSHINE, WRIT WRITER and TROOP 1500, NUCLEAR FAMILY and LAST MAN STANDING. Her narrative works include the award-winning features THE SLOW BUSINESS OF GOING (Athina Rachel Tsangari) and AFRAID OF EVERYTHING (David Barker). Besides her cinematography work, she’s in production on a documentary, and serves as adjunct faculty in filmmaking and cinematography at the University of Texas at Austin.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

We're Back!

Happy Spring Semester! Women In Cinema is back for another great semester.


We're sad to report that Payton is stepping down as Treasurer. She was an amazing asset to the group this last semester and we'll miss dearly. Especially her sly little jokes in officer's meetings. So with that said, we'll be looking for a Treasurer. Nina has become our Secretary since Sarah Deuel slid over into the PR position thus we're looking for a new Audio/Video Technician. If you're interested in becoming an officer and working side by side with Kat Candler and some of the best female film minds of the RTF department please email utwomenincinema[at]gmail[dot]com. Being an officer is a great way to meet a lot of people and get involved.

We will be visiting classes to recruit to be apart of our organization. Be looking for us. We will be talking about what we do and what we have in store for the semester.

In the vein of what we did for Slacker 2011 (if you haven’t seen it already, here is a link to see our scene:, we’ll be making a short film this summer. Must be a member to have a position and be involved. Meetings throughout the semester picking a script, workshopping, test shoots …

Don't forget to become a member. Women in Cinema Student Organization



WHAT WE'VE DONE IN THE PAST (if you don't already know):

Guest Speakers Panels

• Sandra Adair (Linklater’s Editor)

• Janet Pierson (SXSW Film Programmer)

• Beth Sepko (Emmy Winning Casting Director, Friday Night Lights, Machete, The Lying Game)

• Local Producers Alma Kuttruff, Suzanne Weinert, Susan Kirr

Camera, Lighting, Sound Workshop

• Spend a full day learning all the basics of camera, lights and sound with local professionals in a carefree, low stress environment. A good time to meet other folks in RTF and members of WIC.

Field Trips

• Austin Studios Tour

• UT Grad and Indie Spirit Award Winner - Where Soldiers Come From at the Alamo.


• There have been a lot of great stories about successful mentor/mentee relationships

• Pair upper level with lower level. Grads with undergrads and professionals in the community with students.


1st Meeting, Thursday 26th, CMA 3.124

UT Professors in Cinematography Deb Lewis and Nancy Schiesari, along with local DPs, Gaffers and Camera Operators.

Women in Cinema’s Spring Camera/Lighting/Sound Workshop, Saturday, February 4th 10am-5pm

Picturebox Studio

Please RSVP: utwomenincinema[at]gmail[dot]com