Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nuts and Bolts meeting notes

Reel Women UT Student Chapter 12/2/10
Introductions, Kat, Sherry, Michelle, and Sarah
Kat's Goals for club...wants to make it whatever students needs. fill the gender gap.

Club Structure:

Monthly Meetings with Speakers here at UT. This is important, everyone agreed. Sometimes it’s hard to leave the 40 acres. Want to have a regualar meeting at UT

Will bring in professional to talk.

Workshops/labs: having personalized workshops that allows more hands-on is a must. Sometimes girls get pushed aside in class labs and if they show any hesitation someone pushes them aside.

* Would like to get comfortable with equipment and technology in an environment that allows us to ask questions

Mentors/mentorships: Yes, Important. Would like...

Team up upper division with lower division

team up grads with undergrads

team up Film students and Theater & dance students

Contact Susan Mickey (set design advisor in T&D)

team up RW members with Film students

to help 318 girls - get confidence.

a shadow program: A system where our members could shadow and just watch more established professions through the process

Screenings: workshopping cuts of films & focus groups.

Whenever someone has something to show, they can bring it to a meeting.

Transportation: yes people wouldn’t have a problem going to Picturesbox or RW office as long as they don’t have to do it by themselves. “I don’t want to trek across town by myself”

Set up a carpool!

What do students need:
Helping finding crew - girl crews - good crews
RW Student crew directory
help line, possible phone list of people to call with questions
Contest help, which festivals and contests are good and which ones aren’t, screenwriting..

$10 per student per semester - everyone agreed.
Meetings at UT once a month. No day will work for everyone...

Week nights work, probably Tuesday or Thursday nights. will work out later

Possible Sunday afternoon brunch at Spiderhouse...mixer?

reccent graduates - where do they fit in?

How will the RW/UT chapter membership ($20 a year)differ from the real Reel Women student membership ($25 a year)?

For a UT student organization you need 3 current students and $10 per semester

We need officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer

The President of the RW UT Chapter will get to sit on the RW Board of Directors which meets the first Wednesday of the month. The President will also have to step up and do work

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