Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Women in the Austin Film Festival

We are lucky to live in a town with so many amazing film festivals, among which is the Austin Film Festival. If you're going to the Austin Film Festival this week/weekend, here are some films by women to check out ...

Note from AFF - we are excited to have Mira Sorvino in attendance for Union Square!

All I Know - the Castle Sessions - This melodic doc features 12 singer-songwriters from around the world who have come together for three full days of intense songwriting in a 16th century castle in Denmark.

American Teacher: Matt Damon narrates this doc by AFF Alum Vanessa Roth (attending the festival!) about four teachers living and working in disparate urban and rural areas across the country.

Don't Expect Too Much: Nicholas Ray’s widow Susan directs an exploration into the difficulties that Ray faced in Hollywood and the significant influence he continues to have on filmmakers today. Featuring newly released archival images and audio tapes of Ray.

Leila: Paul and Leila appear to have the perfect life, they are both madly in love; the only problem is that one of them has lost their mind.

One Night Stand: A funny, intimate doc following top Broadway and television writers, actors, and directors as they invent four short musicals, from the blank page to the live stage, all within 24 hours. Featuring Rachel Dratch, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Richard Kind.

Pariah: A Brooklyn teenager juggles conflicting identities and risks friendship, heartbreak, and family in a desperate search for sexual expression.

Union Square: tells the story of a reluctant reunion between two sisters (Mira Sorvino and Tammy Blanchard) One is on the verge of marriage; the other is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Both struggle with truths they're hiding from each other--and from themselves.-- note, director Nancy Savoca in attendance!

When Dreams Take Flight: Through a series of fascinating stories about brilliant and often courageous characters, spanning six centuries and two continents, this doc explores the myth and reality of why humans are compelled to fly like birds.

Wish Me Away: After a lifetime of hiding, Chely Wright becomes the first commercial country music singer to come out as gay, shattering cultural stereotypes within Nashville, her conservative heartland family and, most importantly, within herself.

Also while you're at the festival, you might consider checking out some of the shorts and films made by RTF alumni which includes Women in Cinema's own, Carlyn Hudson and her film, Z & Beau and Chelsea Hernandez and her film, Archer. RTFer at AFF

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  1. I saw Union Square and went in knowing nothing about the film. After the opening scene, I settled in for a chick flick/comedy but left wanting to hug someone. Haha it was great. Nancy Savoca and Mira Sorvino were there for the Q&A and they provided some awesome insight on how it was filming with only a 5D and letting actors improv/do their thing. Great film. I highly recommend it.

  2. I saw American Teacher and loved it. It was really sympathetic to the amount of time and work goes into being a teacher. I was also amazed by some of the statistics it presented, comparing how Americans value teachers and how for example Koreans value teachers. It was well made and is definitely worth seeing.