Saturday, January 28, 2012

Camera / Lighting / Sound Workshop

One week from today, next Saturday, will be this semester's Camera / Lighting / Sound Workshop presented by Women In Cinema. This is one of our most anticipated events that Women in Cinema holds. We do it once a semester. In this all day workshop participants get the basic knowledge of how to operate and frame shots, run and mix sound, and light a scene using keys, fills and back lights. All this and more for only $5. (Lunch is included.) It creates an atmosphere where female students feel comfortable to ask question, get hands-on experience with equipment and generally have fun and network.

The experience is very rewarding for all involved. Not only do you get comfortable with equipment but you get to meet other people like you. You won't want to miss it.

Women in Cinema’s Spring Film Workshop

We will be hosting a Film Workshop to go over the basics of camera, sound, and lighting.

Link to Facebook Invite - make sure to invite your friends!


Saturday, February 4th


Picturebox Studio

Please RSVP: utwomenincinema[at]gmail[dot]com


-Membership Dues if you're not a member already. ($10/semester or $20/school year)

-$5 Registration for the Workshop

-Gloves (to handle lights) if you have them

-Something to take notes with

-DO NOT wear open toed shoes.

-Lunch is provided.


701 Tillery Street Suite A-9

Austin, Texas 78702

(Please allow time to find the studio.)

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