Thursday, February 2, 2012

Script Reading and Workshop

In Women In Cinema's first year (then known as Reel Women Students) we decided to make a short film in the summertime. Last spring we were having trouble getting scripts for the production because we started planning it so late in the semester but then we got an amazing opportunity to do a scene from the Slacker remake (thanks to Sarah Gonzalez). It was an amazing experience for everyone involved. The scene was shot with a wonderful all-female-crew (plus one male still photographer).

We would like to keep up this tradition and make another short this summer with an all female crew. But before we start getting a head of ourselves, we need a script. The most important thing to any movie is the story. Many students forget that. Thankfully we have the wonderful filmmaker/screenwriter, Kat Candler, to help us find and workshop the scripts.

We are currently receiving scripts for our summer production.

Here are the details for the submission:

Due Date: Monday, March 5th.
No longer than 10 pages in order to be considered.
Submission: You must email your script to Women In Cinema at
Format: It would be easier if you emailed a PDF version of your script.

To have your script considered, you must be a member of Women in Cinema. To become a member, please click here. Current members must pay $10 every semester.

Submission is open for alumni.

Facebook event invite reminder

Please email us if you have any questions. And forward this to any friends you think might be interested.

After we get scripts, we will hold script readings and workshop sessions. Even if your an experienced screenwriter or a beginner, this is a great opportunity to make your script better.

Once we get scripts, Women in Cinema will be holding a reading and workshop with some professional screenwriters in attendance. As a group we will workshop the scripts, making them the best that they can be.

Script Reading and Workshop
Thursday March 8
Location TBD

With screenwriter Cindy Mcreery in attendance.

After the scripts have been read and made better comes the most difficult part, making the decision of what we make. Instead of having the Women in Cinema officers decide, we're going to have a pitch off for the script, and the key crew positions. If someone wants to direct the short, she will need to have a short pitch or demonstration of what her vision is for the chosen script. If someone wants to be the Director of Photography, she will need to show the group her reel and have a short pitch or demonstration or her vision for the way the film will be shot.

Pitches and Crew Position Decision Day
Thursday March 29
Location TBD

Once the key positions have been filled for the production, the rest will fall into place. Mark your calendars for the Summer Production Pre Production Meeting:

Thursday May 3
Location TBD

We have an exciting spring and summer to get ready for so don't miss your opportunity to submit your script and see it come to life.

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