Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Producing Panel - Recap

Big thanks to everyone who came out to the Producers’ Panel Monday night. We hope you enjoyed it and found the information interesting and useful! Rakeda Ervin, Caroline Conner, and Megan Gilbride shared their experiences as producers, talked about their career paths, and gave out many recommendations for film students who are interested in producing.

HOW DID YOU GET INTO PRODUCING? All three producers had different paths for reaching their current positions. Rakeda graduated from film school, and worked her way up from researcher, Associate Producer and Supervising Producer in the TV doc world. Caroline started out with several internships. They all suggested anyone who is interested in film production to “be out there” and seek opportunities.

WHAT DOES A PRODUCER DO? Different positions refer to different duties: In TV the Supervising Producer & TV Producer oversee production; Associate Producers in television are responsible for finding material and overseeing clearances and the post-production process. Fundamentally, producers are there to “back up” the film. Money and investments are very important for the film because money makes a film happen. During pre-production, the producer is scheduling, budgeting, casting and planning. During post-production, producers are finishing up contracts, clearances, the accounting, marketing, distribution and sales. Producers should always be continuing to make “good contacts” and network.

PRODUCER-DIRECTOR RELATIONSHIP? Caroline mentioned that she wouldn’t step into the creative too much. She believes that the director is the one who brings out the “vision” of the film, however, it’s also important to know when to compromise and when not to. Megan also described the producer’s role as “being the parent.”  

WHAT MAKES A GOOD PRODUCER? Stay calm! It’s sometimes the most pressured position. Long hours. People hate you. You're out of money. It takes a lot to be a producer. Work hard and people will see.

  • Ask questions, talk to people, research opportunities, and get experiences.
  • Go to Film Festivals!
  • Be out in the world.
  • Have your pitch ready. What's your next project?
  • Stay motivated.
  • Build up “real” relationships.
  • Don’t ever burn bridges. Someone working under you on this project might be your boss on the next project.

Thanks again to our lovely producers who shared so much with us! Good luck with everyone’s projects! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our next meeting and panel on Art Department on Monday, November 5th.  More details to follow. 

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