Monday, May 12, 2014

Film Festival Scholarship Winners Announced!

Women in Cinema Film Festival Scholarship Winners

The three winners will receive waived submission fees to Indie Memphis Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Lone Star Film Festival, Cucalorus Film Festival, Oxford Film Festival and Citizen Jane Film Festival. Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to all of the talented filmmakers who submitted their work!

Leaves on Trees
Producer: Kelly Ota
Nine-year old Ira Harris navigates a new neighborhood, 
new peers, and his first set of prescription glasses.

Ronnie Monsters
Director: Amanda Gotera
Back from summer vacation with no best friend and a supernatural secret,
fourteen-year old Ronnie just wants to survive the first day of school.

Director: Maddy Bethard
After missing her favorite band's show, Hazel stows away in their tour van
only to discover that the band is on the verge of breaking up.

Evidence of Santa
Director Mei Makino

Thank you so much to our three judges: award winning filmmaker Lauren Wolkstein (The Strange Ones, Social Butterfly), Emmy winning documentarian Heather Courtney (Where Soldiers Come From) and Texas Film Commission representative Laura Kincaid.

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  1. Awesome choices. I had the pleasure and honor to view two of the winners this last weekend in Austin. Congratulations to all!!!