Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SLACKER 2011: S-T-E-V-E, Day 2

Another awesome night of female filmmaking at its finest. Tonight the Reel Women Student group shot the first half of their scene for the Slacker 2011 which takes place in a van. Officially we got assigned scene 19 which consists of Steve driving 3 girls in his car to a club that his roommate's band is playing at after randomly meeting them in a dinner. (You might remember it in the original movie because he's talking about the ants in his apartment.) It's a two part segment because there's the van part and then there's the part in front of the club, which was shot yesterday. We were happy to get this scene because there seemed to be a lot of room for creativity.

The cast and crew met at Arts and Labor which generously lent us its space to set up camp. This was an interesting shoot because all that needed to be done was prelight the van, hide the mics, measure the focus for the camera, let the scene play out in the van and tweek / adjust along the way. The scene requires for four people to be in the van, two in front and two in back. There were going to be two major set ups: the front of the car and the back of the car. There was a lot more relaxed lounging on this night for everyone that wasn't piled in the car. 

Once the sun had set, lights were ready, Carlyn, the director, Therese, the Director of Photography, Renee Stairs, the sound recordist and mixer and Kate Steinhebel, the first Assistant Camera piled into the car with two actors at a time. They drove up and down Lamar Blvd doing the scene over and over and over and over again until they got what they wanted. After every other take they would pull over, get some air and adjust. This became more challenging when the camera was positioned to face towards the back of the car since there was suppose to be musical equipment in the back of the car. One thing is for sure, these ladies were committed to their job.

Meanwhile at Arts and Labor the rest of us hung out, worked on our TFPF applications which are due tomorrow, played in the parking lot and kept our equipment organized. Because of the generous donations, we were able to do a coffee run around 10:00pm. Tonight's meal was provided by Chipotle Mexican Grill which definitely hit the spot.

For more pictures from Slacker 2011, photographer Sarah Gonzalez please visit the Reel Women Students Picasa

For more pictures from Slacker 2011, photographer Patrick Rusk please visit the Flickr 

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