Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Online Fundraiser!

We're doing an online fundraiser through Indiegogo (which is similar to Kickstarter, only better) and we're looking for support. Please check out our campaign or at least watch the video, read the description and help spread the word.

In the first day of launching our campaign we reached a little over 10% of our whole goal which is awesome. We're on our way to having a successful campaign but we need help. We're in need of help to fund our programs and our summer production. Anything helps, $10, $25, $100. If you want to see more female voices in film, here's how you can help.

Women in Cinema is a student organization Kat Candler started in early 2011 after witnessing class after class where she would only have 2-3 female students in a film class of 20-24. She wanted to figure out a way to nurture and support the females in the film program at the University of Texas. The organization provides basic camera, sound and lighting workshops at the start of each semester. We offer monthly panels with guest speakers such as Sandra Adair, Amy Seimetz, Beth Sepko, Susan Kirr, Suzanne Weinert, Alma Kuttruff, Rakeda Lashae and so many more ... We provide mentorships with all of the members to create a bigger community and personal support throughout the semester. And lastly we do a summer production with an all female crew. Last summer Women in Cinema did a scene for the 2011 Slacker remake and this summer we're in the midst of developing a short narrative.

If you don't know, online fundraisers like Indiegogo are all about allowing anybody to raise money for any idea. No more car washes and bake sales. The sites structure allows users to create a page for their funding campaign, set up an account with PayPal, make a list of "perks" for different levels of donation, then create a social media-based publicity effort. Users publicize the projects themselves through Facebook, Twitter and similar platforms. The site levies a 4% fee for successful campaigns, and 9% for campaigns that fail to reach their target amount. Online fundraisers are a great way for filmmakers, like us, to get some start up cash while we wait for grants and people to pay their membership dues.

We know times are hard and no one has a ton of money but really, anything will help. You can write in whatever amount of money you'd like. Even if you can't give right now and plan to give later, let your friends, co-workers and family know about what I'm doing and see if they can help. This is a really important organization that aims to encourage more female filmmakers. We have 44 days to raise this $2,000 and we know we can do it, we just need everyone's help, not only to donate if they can, but also to spread the word. Recently Women in Cinema was named one of the 2012 Texas Parents Students Enrichment Award Recipient.

Here is our organization's site please "follow it" because it helps the online visibility and feel free to bookmark it in your browser.

Make sure to join us on facebook,, if you'd like to stay connected with the group.

The video was shot and edited by Women In Cinema officers.

We'd love to hear from you. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


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