Friday, March 9, 2012

Script Reading Review

Last night we had our script reading for the summer production. We got 10 wonderful scripts by Women In Cinema members, Brittany Reeber, Alex Thomas, Malina Panovich, Katy Poulter, Catherine Jackson, Jing Yang, Carlyn Hudson, Megan Cardwell, Sarah Gonzalez, and Iris Blackbur. Unfortunately because of time, all we did was read each script. All the people who submitted scripts and the Women in Cinema officers will now vote on their favorites and the top three scripts will get workshopped on March 29th. After the workshop, Women In Cinema Officers will pick the best script for the summer production.

It's all very exciting. Please join Women In Cinema for the script workshop on March 29th. Be a part of the pre-production process.

Loglines for the scripts:

Blackout Arm Wrestling tells the tale of one man's missed opportunity to escape his bar-fly life on a night filled with debauchery, violence and taxidermy.

Chicken and Frittata: A divorced couple introduce their new significant others at their 'multi-ethnic' dinner party.

Cream Dreams: A man and woman meet for a first date at a yogurt shop but can only keep thinking of what the other is like sexually based on their yogurt selections.

Fallout: Though a few strangers have ended up together in a bomb shelter during nuclear warfare, they remained determined to stay alive, with or without each other.

Kiss of Death: A woman is seduced by Death and Time in a rundown carnival. When faced with the immediacy of her own death she must decide how to live with the time she has left.

Mother's Day: A night of debauchery leads to a morning of unfortunate desperation.

Mother's Photo Album: A lonely woman suffering from Alzheimer's only remaining memories are of her beloved son's childhood.

Smiley: The new girl at a high school, Sam, learns that people are not always predictable by hearing about the troubled past of a popular boy, Julian and his dad unintentionally involved with drug trafficking in Mexico.

Sunday Afternoon: As a couple gets lost on their way to a wedding in a lower middle-class neighbor, they accidentally run over a family's dog, in front of the children who were playing in the front yard. As the family and the couple fight over who's to blame, it becomes clear that there are no innocent parties in this situation.

Untitled: In a world where personal property is not respected, one girl/woman/whatever you want them to be, will stand against tyranny to bring forth justice! Little does she know, her actions will destroy life as she and her roommates know it. Based on the true story of my imagination, or something that I dreamed and thought was real. Inspired by Stephen Hawkings and endorsed by Oprah.

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