Friday, February 18, 2011

Workshopping Meeting Recap

Hey crazy kids, we missed some of your pretty faces last night at our first screening and script reading. 
Here’s what you missed: three short films by Gabbie Burns, Kelsey Coggin and Elizabeth “Lizzy” Walker, and a reading of Haley Anderson’s narrative script. If there had been a round table, we would have had nice round table discussions…As it were, we had two stools and some auditorium-style seats. We still had very constructive and friendly chats concerning our thoughts on the girls’ shorts and Haley’s script.

We started out with Gabbie’s short documentary on the Austin Memory Project which dealt with racial minorities getting left behind in the digital age, and included a lovely song with fantastic stop-motion action that I still can’t seem to get out of my head. (I’m not mad about it.) Next up was Kelsey’s short, “Paint by Numbers”--a poignant story of a young girl and her mother dealing with the death their beloved father and husband. Our last short was Lizzy’s documentary, “The Dispatchers.” Lizzy’s film showcased the hard, day-to-day work of a family-owned (and often publicly disdained) business of a towing company. 

Our final “round table discussion” was over Haley Anderson’s script that told the story of a small-town girl bogged down by self-doubt who then gets pregnant by immaculate conception and has her world rocked. 
Overall, the screenings and reading went really well and the girls got some great feedback. There seems to be a general consensus that our Reel Women Students meetings have a really supportive and caring atmosphere (which is obviously the whole point.) You RTF’ers even manage to make this PR major feel at home... 

So if you want in on some of this magic and wish to have a nice, quasi-roundtable discussion on your work, don’t be shy! Contact Melodie, at She’s the gal in charge of scheduling these…

Next up: Reel Women Students meeting with special guest Alma Kuttruff, Thursday, 7:00-9:00 pm, CMB Studio 4D.

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