Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lights, Camera, Sound Workshop

Yesterday was the first Reel Women Students workshop held at the Reel Women headquarters, Picture Box Studios. There to teach were Marshall Rimmer to talk cameras, Renee Stairs covering all things audio and Clay Liford to discuss how to light properly and creatively. In total, there were about 20 gals in attendance, plus our fearless leader Kat Candler and special guest Sherry Mills, Executive Director of Reel Women, who brought provisions (i.e. Subway and cupcakes.)

To begin the morning, we were divided into groups based on previous knowledge and experience. “OK, who here thinks they would be in the beginner group,” asked Kat. I raised my hand high. Considering I’m a Public Relations major, I was fully confident in my ignorance.

So we were divided up, sent to different stations and given the opportunity to ask all sorts of questions and actually try out the equipment. The ready, willing and able team very effectively covered tons of stuff, from the basics to the “okay, that’s the 46th term I haven’t heard before but I’ll add it to my vocabulary list”-type information. I can’t give specifics concerning what went on in the more advanced groups, but I’m guessing they didn’t go over what a Boom mic is. (Baby steps, people.)

Overall, the workshop was pretty darn fantastic, the beauty of it being that Renee, Clay and Marshall seemed genuinely interested in teaching all of us and enabling us to walk away with a truly hands-on experience. There was extensive note-taking, some general bonding happening between attendees, me learning what a C-stand is…oh, and some of the girls scored some awesome internships. How’s that for success?

What’s Next--1st Reel Women Students' Screening Night
Thursday, February 10th, 7pm-9pm, CMB Building, Studio 4D

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