Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Organized

With all the hustle and bustle of the semester in full swing, our student chapter of Reel Women is finally close to being done with the rigorous UT Student Organization registration process. If you don't know, the University of Texas has a lot of rules about becoming a registered student organization. In short, you need, 3 people and ten dollars to make a club. However on top of that you also have to go through meetings, do a ton of paper work, jump through some hoops, etc. Even though we haven't been official, this hasn't stopped us from having a couple of well attended meetings and has a successful production, camera/lighting workshop.

If you don't know, Kat Candler (teacher, filmmaker, Reel Women Board Member) started this group as a way to help encourage more females to continue with film production. She noticed that her Advanced Narrative Production class always has tragically more males than females. When she did her research, she noticed that in the beginning level film production class, Introduction to Image and Sound, there are equal male to female ratios and began to wonder what happens. The Student Chapter of Reel Women was a way to help create a support system for the college students and help correct the gender gap.

Today has bee a productive day. Sarah and Amanda have made a twitter (they tried to get RWstudents, plural, but it was already taken by a religious student organization by the Faith Church. Just know that our group is, singular) and a facebook. Kat and Carlyn organized the officers and positions within our organization. Here's roughly what they came up with

President (Carlyn Hudson)
--Attend Reel Women Board Meetings
--Organize Major Events/Guest Speakers
--Help Organize Thursday Screenings
    •    Find Films or Scripts
    •    Possibly Screening Bigger Films (i.e. Old Kathryn Bigelow Films)
--Organize Major Events/Guest Speakers
--Follow Up with Emails
--Correspondence and Administrative with UT Student Organization

Vice-Presidents (Melodie Irvin and Kelsey Coggins)
(in training to take over next semester as President)

--Organize Thursday Screenings
    •    Find Films or Scripts
    •    Possibly Screening Bigger Films (i.e. Old Kathryn Bigelow Films)
--Help organize Major Events/Guest Speakers
--Mentorship (VP)

Secretary/Membership (Sarah Deuel)
--Take notes at meetings
    •    Produce “Meeting Notes” and Send out to Officers
--Log in new members into the Spreadsheet
--Follow Up with People to Pay Dues
--Keep Email Contact List Up to Date

Treasurer (Jordan Harrison)

--Open Bank Account, UFCU
--Manage Money
--Create and Keep a Ledger
--Cut Checks

PR / Marketing (Amanda Brand)

--Take notes at meetings
--Create and Maintain the Blog Site
--Correspond with Sarah Gonzalez about Reel Women events and the Reel Women website
--Send out Email Newsletters
--Create and Hang Fliers for Activities
--Social Media Networking, ie Twitter and Facebook

if you would like to be involved with Reel Women Students, please email us at

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